Alzheimer’s and Music

Alzheimer's and Music

Music manages to evoke memories in people with Alzheimer’s. Those who forget everything but are able to remember the lyrics of a song word by word. It has always
been known that singing reduces stress, anxiety, depression. It can calm people, if you have children or nephews, remember when you sang to a baby or child to make them stop crying or to feel better if something hurt them. The same goes for people with Alzheimer’s. When we are the people in charge of caring for and paying attention to the needs of a person suffering from this disease, our own emotional health is worn out, we are tired, frustrated, sad. The music will also help us to relax. Usually people who take care of Alzheimer’s patient know their tastes, have heard their stories, know when they were teenagers or when they met their partners. Many times we hear stories from our parents or grandparents. Let’s remember and look for songs that we know will stimulate their remembrance and make them feel joyful, that will allow us to feel even for a moment happy for them, with the satisfaction of seeing them delighted and we will cause them to put their memories to work to relive their memories It’s an amazing way to exercise their brains.


Source: Monica Torres

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