Children and limits

Children and limits

We all must have limits, they are essential in any relationship (with a partners, with children, at work) but when it comes to setting limits for children, we know that this will allow growing being responsible and respectful adults.

It will make them feel more self-confident. It is important that we not only tell children to do this or that, do not misbehave, eat well, and sit well. We must explain what that means. If we let them know what things are appropriate and which are not with examples they will understand better and it will be easier for them to follow the instructions we give them. There is nothing better than the example so that they understand what is suitable and what is not and their behavior is modeled correctly or as desired.

If they are fighting with another child for a toy, or they hit another child, explain positively how important it is to respect others, to understand how they would feel if it were the other way around. Teach them to share.

Within the limits should be set schedules for things like time to eat, to do homework, to play and especially to rest. When children do not eat or rest properly they will not be in the best conditions, they will feel tired and more intolerant.

Never give in to the tantrums of a child. We have already said before that if  atthe end we are going to yield to something, it is better not to put it as a limit. The limits that are established must be respected. At this point it is important that both parents agree and that both maintain the same criteria.

Source: Monica Torres

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