Children and self-esteem

Children and self-esteem

Never disqualify them and most importantly never in front of other people. For example, telling others that he is disobedient, disorderly, and lazy or that he does not do well in school. This does a lot of damage to their self-esteem.

It is important that children know how much we love them that they know we are there for them. Let’s positively reinforce all their achievements, do not focus on what they do wrong. If we realize that they have a special ability for something, such as dance, painting, some sport, let’s help them develop it by inscribing them into classes that will make them feel they can do something well even if they are not outstanding in others.

Sometimes it is not the time we spend with them but if the quality of time, many mothers work but if the time we have to share with them is a quality time, we do not have to feel guilty that we are not there all the time.

It is good to set limits and discipline, so that children know that there is an order to respect. Children learn easily and imitate easily, let’s be the example they imitate


Source: Monica Torres

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