Father of a girl with cerebral palsy

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Father of a girl with cerebral palsy

“From the tenth session on, it was as if Mariana had restarted herself”

“We have tried everything we could to help Mariana and we had not obtained changes like these”

“What parents who have special children have in common is that we will try anything to help and this is highly recommended”

Mariana has Cerebral Palsy. She is 7 years old. We found out about this therapy through a friend that is in the medical field and has a daughter with a diagnosis similar to my daughter’s, though his daughter is much older. My wife contacted the office in Weston. First, we researched a bit about the therapy. They explained it and let us know that there were no negative side effects that would put Mariana at risk. We decided to give it a try and started the therapy.

We began in December of 2011 and ended in March 2012. It was a total of 20 sessions, during which we went twice a week. From the tenth session on, it was as if Mariana had restarted herself. She was a very monothematic girl, she had no depth in her sequence of thoughts and in the emotional side, she was always very introverted. However, as the therapy went on, her conversations became those of someone more interested in the outside world. She was always very introverted and it took her a while to open up emotionally but soon she began to connect on a more profound level with other people. That was an observation that many of her family members had not seen, and when they visited, they noticed the difference in the level of affection that Mariana showed them.

My wife is a professional pediatric doctor and she is trained to see this. It wasn’t about the girl maturing, the changes were too drastic. We had tried everything we could think of to help Mariana, from stem cells and horse therapy to physical and occupational therapy, but we had never obtained changes like these.

In fact, at the end of April, we received comments from Mariana’s school about all the positive changes she had demonstrated. Other comments received were from the doctor who does Mariana’s physical therapy. He is a Doctor with 50 years of experience and he noticed the difference. Mariana does not act as closed off as she did before.

After we completed 20 sessions, we began a routine in which we went twice a week or sometimes once every two weeks.

Her mother, after Mariana’s experience, has recommended this therapy to everyone, even parents with autistic children who have problems with language, speaking and with complicated behaviors. What parents who have special children have in common is that we will try anything to help, and this is highly recommended, so much that we have also wanted to go through this therapy.

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