Mental health and Technology I

Mental health and Technology I

We live in a time governed by technology, it is almost impossible to live without it but how does it affect our mental health? People live immersed first in the cell phone, in the computer, in video games. If we talk about Facebook, Instagram, that unreal world that causes stress, anxiety and even depression for people who follow different accounts and people at all times. We see people who feel bad when they see the “supposed” wonderful life of others. It is known that self-esteem suffers a lot with these visits to social networks. Another problem is that people usually relate through these means but do not know how to do it when they have a person in front of them. The screen protects them from rejection, from noticing the expressions of people but at the same time it is something fictitious, there can be a misinterpretation of what is seen or read. You can have 5000 friends on Facebook and really have none with whom to really count. This can bring isolation, insecurity and even addiction. Causes an effect on people who cannot get off the cell phone for fear of losing something, this feeling becomes obsessive. It is totally true when they say that technology unites us to people who are far away and away from those who are close.

Another problem is the immediacy with which we get things, if we want to know anything we access the internet and we have the answer but when in real life this does not happen we feel frustrated. We do not need to memorize anything because we have access to information. We depend for everything on the cell phone, it is an extension of our body. Not everything is bad, of course, the problem is when the balance between the true and the virtual is lost.


Source: Monica Torres.

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