Mental health and Technology II

Mental health and Technology II

We talk about all the negative aspects that technology has but not everything is bad. Through technology we have access to news, articles, which can cause anxiety but also provide people with useful information. Now we can communicate with people no matter how far away they are. We can see them as if they were by our side; separations are less painful because at least you can see the person you miss with the push of a button. Many times people who do not know what to do in a situation can get the answer or help. There are many accounts for example that make publications about problems such as domestic violence, eating disorders, suicide and at the same time publish articles providing information that helps and making the knowledge of who needs it from places where they can consult or go for help. In some way they can also feel accompanied, less alone.

There are groups on Facebook for example for people who have autism, there they can share their experiences, give and hear advice from people who are going through the same situations, the same problems or the same joys as them. It is amazing what we can do now with a cell phone and even with clock, things that we could not even imagine in our most incredible dreams.


Source: Monica Torres.

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