How Neurofeedback benefits Athletes

How Neurofeedback benefits Athletes

For athletes, good performance is basic if they want to become professionals and if they want to maintain a good level of achievement. For this reason, they are persistent, they train with discipline, they are always looking for new training techniques, the best coaches, a good support team and everything that is necessary to improve their execution. But not only is the physical part what is important, the human being is a whole, composed of body, mind, feelings.

If an athlete wants to perform at its best and achieve their goal, mind and body must be in optimal conditions. They must also manage their emotions properly. If there is not enough restful sleep or there is lack of energy, anxiety, fear, lack of motivation, (because they do not feel confident in their abilities, when they do not feel capable of doing it better), when there is lack of concentration, success will not be possible.

Source: Monica Torres

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