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OUR STAFF (Weston, Florida)


Neurofeedback Practitioner

Monica entered the Neurofeedback field in 2010 and has successfully trained clients using the Othmer Method at Neotherapy since then. She has worked with a wide variety of clients seeking symptom reduction and performance enhancement, as well as children with Autism & ADHD.

She’s Certified in Child Care by the State of Florida and worked as a teacher for several years in Venezuela and USA.

Currently enrolled at Carlos Albizu University, Master of Science in Psychology (M.S.) Major in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Monica is also in the process of obtaining the EEG Info Othmer Method Neurofeedback Certification.


Neurofeedback Professional Training

1991 – Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology (Central University of Venezuela), Venezuela
1995 – Training for Drug Abuse and Treatment (Psychiatric Hospital of Caracas), Venezuela
2011 – Master in Marriage and Family Therapy (Carlos Albizu University), Florida – United States

With more than 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist working with children, adolescents and adults with behavior disorders, drug and/or alcohol abuse and their families.

Specializes in various programs of human development, strategic planning, management development ,and employee performance management.

Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (level 1, 2 and 3) and Bioenergetics Model Training.


Neurofeedback Professional Training

OUR STAFF (Caracas, Venezuela)


1963 – Médico Cirujano. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Venezuela

1968 – Post-grado de Neurología Hospital Vargas, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela

1969 – Post-grado de Psiquiatría Hospital Vargas, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela.

1971-1972 – Curso de entrenamiento en Electroencefalografía.

1973-1975 – Curso de entrenamiento en enfermedades Neuromusculares y Electrofisiología Clínica Hospital Central de New Castle, Inglaterra.

2001 – Adiestramiento Profesional en Neurofeedback, impartido por Pedro Delgado.

2002 – Adiestramiento básico de Neurofeedback. California, USA.

2002 – Adiestramiento avanzado Alpha-Theta. California, USA.

2010 – Adiestramiento Profesional en Neurofeedback, EEG Institute. California, Estados Unidos.

2010 – Adiestramiento Profesional en Neurofeedback, impartido por Virginia Rojas Albrieux. Caracas, Venezuela.

Cuarenta y dos años de experiencia en la Dirección de Instituciones de atención a pacientes farmacodependientes y ancianos con trastornos mentales.

Diez años de experiencia usando Neurofeedback en pacientes farmacodependientes, déficit de atención, hiperactividad, ansiedad y alteraciones del sueño.


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