Post-Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress

Post-Traumatic Stress is a disorder that arises when a person experiences a situation or an event that becomes a traumatic one for that person.

This violent event, frightening, abuse, or coming from natural phenomena, triggers the symptoms that make it possible to meet the criteria to diagnose a person with this disorder. There have been cases in which the symptoms are not manifested immediately but time after the event; perhaps some smell, situation or memory triggers the symptoms. It can last a long time if the necessary therapies are not done to reverse the negative effects of that traumatic situation and of course it affects the person who suffers it but also the people around him, his family and friends. Many of these people cannot lead a normal life. They live in total anguish, hypervigilance, irritability, fits of anger. Lack of sleep, loss of memory and concentration.

Who could suffer: soldiers, veterans, people who go to war or have been prisoners of war. People who have suffered rape or domestic violence. People, who have witnessed terrorist attacks, people who have been and have survived a car or plane accident. People present during a hurricane, tornado, earthquake and include firefighters here, police who collaborate in the rescue work. Victims of bullying or who have suffered a disease that may have taken their lives. In order for an event to become a trauma, it also depends on the person, which becomes a trauma for some, perhaps not for others.


Source: Monica Torres

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