Relationship Boost

Do you know what NEUROFEEDBACK is? and what could you accomplish with?

The Results: While the beginning stages of a relationship feel exciting and effortless, successful long-term relationships require ongoing effort, better control of one’s emotions and positivity by both partners. Building healthy patterns in your relationship can establish a solid foundation.

Relationship Boost

What is a Relationship Boost?

Being happy and positive is key to making a relationship successful and exciting. Neurofeedback is able to train the limbic system, which is involved in one’s emotions and state of being. Improving the way you feel and embracing a positive outlook of any situation will be evident to you and those around you, therefore enhancing your interpersonal relationships.

A relationship boost could mean setting in motion a more positive interaction with those people in your everyday life: your boss, your children, your partner, absolutely anyone who you have an important connection with.

Why Neurofeedback? The limbic system in the brain controls many things including emotion. In Neurofeedback, the limbic system is trained to gain better control of one’s emotions. When emotions are controlled, it gives relationships the boost to improve. The limbic system is interconnected with the nucleus accumbens, which is the pleasure center of the brain. This part of the brain plays a role in sexual arousal; an important role of any couple’s relationship.

Neurofeedback training can help couples who are having trouble or are looking to improve their relationship. It can help the mother who has lost touch with their child due to their own emotional condition. Or it can simply harmonize an already positive relationship between one friend and another. Your mind’s potential to self-regulate and improve the way you feel can all be achieved through Neurofeedback; allowing your brain to reach optimization and create affirmative association with others.

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