What is Alzheimer?

What is Alzheimer?

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease, it is the most common form of dementia and until now it has not been possible to stop the deterioration process that causes the disease in people or the disease as such. It is an irreversible process. We know that it is happening in stages and that the situation of the person who suffers it is increasingly precarious. Without counting the havoc it causes in the people around him, his family and friends. Although it may seem incredible according to the researchers, signs of the disease may begin to appear from the age of 30, but it is more common to develop after the age of 65, with women being more prevalent to the disease.

At first things happen that people justify as a matter of stress, “is that I have many things in my head” or “I did not sleep well” but they are things that happen repeatedly and that are warning signs. They forget recent things, like conversations that they had 15 minutes before. Things are lost; sometimes there is difficulty in naming something like, for example, the name of an object that we use daily. Forget things you just read, difficulty remembering names. In the second stage the most frequent thing that happens is that they begin to forget directions, the memory begins to fail progressively, they feel lost, disoriented, do not know what clothes to wear, do not remember if they bathed or not, or if they ate or not, remember less things and begin to feel more frustrated, moody, begins to have notorious changes in behavior.

They begin to ignore family or friends. Confusion with dates. In the third stage they need assistance for everything, dressing, bathing, for all their daily activities, for eating. Many times they forget how to talk, swallow. They will be more vulnerable to diseases such as pneumonia. Memory and cognitive abilities are totally compromised.


Source: Monica Torres

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